Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Raised Garden Beds

So, with all the free bricks I got a week ago, I built 5 raised garden beds for my Growing Challenge. Here are some pictures of what I did and how I did it...

Here is a "before" picture... This is the garage; the house is on the left, just out of the picture. This is my little "courtyard" area. It gets sun from about 10am until about 5-6pm. This is the best place in my yard for a garden. Well, I think it is, I guess I will find out soon enough!
Here is a picture after I took out the topsoil and that walnut tree. That tree should have been gone when we moved in 2 years ago - boy was it hard to get that sucker outta there!!! I just removed about 2-3 inches of the topsoil and grass. I did this to try and level the ground before I started building the beds. It didn't exactly work that way, but oh well, the plants won't care too much lol. You can also see in this picture that I put down some cardboard. I wanted to make sure that no weeds came up from the bottom. There is about 2-3 layers of cardboard at the bottom of the garden beds.
Here is a little more progress. I've started laying the bricks down in this picture...
The actual beds are built now! Woo Hoo!! I ended up with 5 beds, the one closest in the picture is a little wider than the rest. I am going to attempt corn in that one - its pretty small for corn, but I'm going to try it anyway! The other 4, well, that has yet to be decided... I figure the tomatoes and beans will go up against the garage on some type of trellis. That's as far as I've gotten on what will go where... (any suggestions anyone??)
The beds are about 10-12 inches deep. The next step is filling these in, which I did today. I will post some pictures of that tomorrow.
Here is a picture of whats left from my stack of bricks from last week... Hmmm...what else can I do with these?!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Other People's Junk...

So, I haven't posted in over a month, but that doesn't mean I haven't been at least thinking about my garden!! I bought the book "All New Square Foot Gardening" a few months back and have been thinking about how I can take what I've learned from the book and incorporate it into my own garden. I am not the type of person to do everything by the book - I normally just incorporate new info into my own way of doing things. (Usually on the cheap lol)...

Well, while surfin' the net looking for cheap, easy gardening ideas, I came across Freecycle. I joined the local group on Yahoo Groups and have since been addictively monitoring the emails for anything I can use in my garden. This led me to start checking out the free listings on Craigslist as well. Last week I found someone needing their brick patio dug up and giving away the bricks. I ended up with 8 trunk loads of free bricks!! There's the free raised beds right there. I love other people's junk!! (Anyone out there trying to give away a free truck? lol)

After building the raised beds over the weekend, I posted a "wanted" ad on Freecycle asking is anyone had some sand they needed to get rid of. I figured I could use sand to mix with the clay and soil and leaves from my own yard to cheaply fill in my new raised gardens. So why not see if I could find some that no one else wanted?? Well, it worked. Two people emailed me back offering some sand (Thanks Patty and Karen!!). Awesome! Now I'm almost ready to start filling my gardens. Did I mention I love other people's junk??!!

I will post pictures and explain how I made my raised garden bed in the next post. Until next time...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cabin Fever Cure #2

Playing with my seeds!!! I took pictures of some of the cooler looking seeds… Can’t wait to take pictures of some plants! Where is Spring???

Can you tell which ones are Pie Pumpkin seeds and which ones are Atlantic Giant Pumpkin seeds? Got these two types in a trade a few weeks ago. I think I will probably plant the Pie pumpkins, not sure if I have it in me to give the Atlantic Giants the care (and food and space, etc) they really need!!

Above is some cool looking Indian corn I got from a trade. Not sure what type it is though. The lady who sent it to me said she got it from a North Dakota Sioux who told her they grow it every year. I really want to try it, but I think I am going to grow the Bloody Butcher Red Corn (below) and some Hopi Pink (not pictured).

Below are some castor bean seeds. Not sure what type, I just know they will be tall! I got these in a trade also. These seeds are kinda creepy looking… Like a big fat tick that just got done gorging itself. The plants (and seeds) are very poisonous, maybe it’s a good thing they look kinda like big ticks! Watch out all you nasty squirrels, don’t be digging around the wrong plants!

Well, that’s enough for now, I will post some more in the next day or so.