Sunday, February 24, 2008

My ever growing seed list

Here is a list of all the seeds I have… Now I just need to figure out which ones I will grow in my garden for the Growing Challenge and which ones I need to give away or save for next year… The majority of these came from trades, so we'll see how well they do. The only things on this list that I have grown from seed are the Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth, Basil, Hyacinth Bean, Gourds, Parsley, and Peppers. My peppers didn't come out very well a couple years ago, but they were growing in pots, this year they will have their own spot in the garden... Wish me luck.

Amaranth – Unknown type

Amaranth - Fat Spike

Amaranth – Globe

Amaranth - Hot Biscuits

Amaranth – Love Lies Bleeding Red

Amaranth - Marvel Bronze

Amaranth – Oeschburg

Amaranth – Prince’s Feather

Arugula - Rocket Eruca

Asparagus – Mary Washington

Basil – Lime

Basil – Sweet

Bean – Arikara Yellow Bush (Heirloom of the Chickasaw Nation)

Bean - Chinese Yard Long Bean (Red Noodle)

Bean – Dragon’s Tongue, bush wax bean

Bean – Jacob’s Cattle

Bean – KY Wonder Green Bean

Bean - Purple Podded Pole Bean

Bean – Soldier Beans

Beet – Chicago Red Hybrid

Blanket Flower

Blue Balloon Flower

Bok Choi

Broom Corn (Sorghum)

Cabbage – Early Flat Dutch

Cabbage - Red Acre

Carrot – Chantenay

Carrot – Danvers

Castor Bean (unknown type)

Giant Castor Bean

Castor Bean – Purple

Chard – Five Color Silverbeet

Chives – Garlic

Clematis – Sweet Autumn

Collards – Georgia Southern

Coneflower – Purple

Coreopsis – Lanceleaf (yellow?)

Corn - Bloody Butcher Red Dent Corn

Corn – Hopi Pink

Corn – Unknown type from ND Sioux Indian

Corn – Strawberry Popcorn

Corn – Sweet Corn, Silver Queen

Cornflower (Bachelor’s Buttons)

Cornflower (Bachelor's Button indigo)

Cucumber – Lemon

Cucumber – Spacemaster

Devil's Trumpet – White

Eggplant – Ai Qwa (Ai Gua) Long Purple Japanese/Chinese

Eggplant - Auberdine du Burkina Faso

Eggplant - Italian White

Eggplant - Listada de Gandia

Fennel – Florence


Four O’Clocks – Pink

Gourd – Mix

Gourd – Birdhouse

Hosta – 3 types, unknown

Hyacinth Bean – Moonshadow


Joe Pye Weed

Lambs Ears

Lettuce – Bibb

Lettuce – Grand Rapids Tipburn Resistant

Lima Bean - Red Persia Lima Bean

Marigold – unknown type

Marigold – small creamy white

Marjoram Sweet

Melon – Banana

Melon – Cantaloupe, Hales Best Jumbo

Melon – Muskmelon

Mesclun – Gourmet Greens Mixture

Mesclun – Mild Mix

Mexican Hats

Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca)

Money Plant

Mustard – India, Florida Broad Leaf

Nicotiana – Scentsation Mixed Colors

Nipple Fruit (Solanaceae mamosum)

Okra – Burgundy

Okra – Clemson Spineless #80


Parsley – Plain

Passion Flower “Blue Crowned”

Passion Flower “Purple Passionfruit”

Peas – Melting Sugar (Snow Peas)

Pea – Oregon Sugar Snow Pea

Pepper – Cayenne Slim Hot

Pepper – Chinese Ornamental (Capsicum annuum)

Pepper – Hot Pepper Mix, heirloom from Atlanta, GA

Pepper – Unknown type, probably Cayenne

Poppy Przemko

Prickly Caterpillar (Scorpiurus muricatus)

Pumpkin – Atlantic Giant

Pumpkin – Lumina

Pumpkin – Pie Pumpkin


Rudbeckia – Black Eyed Susan

Rudbeckia – Brown Eyed Susan

Sage – Common

Savory – Summer

Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica)

Shoofly (unknown color)

Spinach – Bloomsdale Long Standing

Squash – Dark Green Acorn Winter

Squash – PA Dutch Crookneck Winter

Squash – Spaghetti

Squash – White Cushaw Heirloom Winter

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)

Sunflower – Del Sol Hybrid (Burpee)

Sunflower – Mammoth

Sunflower – Mixed

Sunflower – Moonshine

Sunflower – Moulin Rouge

Sunflower – Red Sun

Sweet Pea - Pink/Magenta

Thyme – Common

Tomato – Banana Legs

Tomato - Black Cherry

Tomato – Black Plum

Tomato – Black Sea Man

Tomato – Brandywine

Tomato – Earl’s Faux

Tomato – Esther’s Cherry

Tomato – Evergreen

Tomato – Giant Belgium

Tomato – Golden Egg

Tomato – Green Zebra

Tomato – Hillbilly

Tomato – Old German

Tomato – Orange Sundrop

Tomato – Pink Oxheart

Tomato – Pruden’s Purple

Tomato – Purple Calabash

Tomato - Red "Tommy Toes”

Tomato – Schimmeig Striped Hollow

Tomato - Silvery Fir Tree

Tomato – Snowberry

Tomato – Striped Cavern

Tomato – Tennessee Britches

Tomato – Tennessee Surprise

Tomato – Uncle Mark Bagby

Tomato - Volgradskiye 323

Tomato – Voyage

Tomato – White Wonder

Tomato – Williams

Tomato – Window Box

Tomato – Yellow Belgium

Tomato – Yellow Brandywine

Tomato – Yellow Stuffer

Tomato – Yellow Zebra

Tomato – Yellow Plum

Trumpet Vine

Watermelon – Moon & Stars

Watermelon – Rainbow

Watermelon – Sugar Baby

Yarrow – Bright Yellow

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